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Dedicated Fleet for Grocery Delivery


Our client, a private equity owned portfolio company, acquired a competitor that owned 80 grocery stores in California. California was a new market for the client and they needed assistance in standing up a dedicated fleet before the Transition Services Agreement (TSA) expired in 60 days. Additionally, the existing solution provider had taken the acquisition and short TSA window as an opportunity to increase pricing. The client wanted a competitive bidding situation where their shortened timeframe was not an invitation for higher vendor pricing.


Wynneford Advisors conducted a freight RFP for dedicated fleet on an expedited schedule. With our extensive contacts within the transportation space, we sourced five dedicated fleet operators with matching geographical coverage and industry expertise. We conducted and completed the RFP process in under 45 days and managed the transition from the legacy provider to the new provider over a two-week period. Wynneford maintained on-site supervision and daily reporting during the transition, which was seamless with no missed deliveries. As a part of our services, we were able to reoptimize the routes and reduce the dedicated fleet by 20% while still maintaining service levels.


The client was entering a new space on a limited time frame with a transportation staff that was already stretched to the limit. Engaging outside help allowed them to focus on their core business while being reassured that this critical and complex component was being handled. At the end of the day, this project paid for itself in under three months through reduced fleet expense as a result of the reoptimization.

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