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Fleet Optimization


Our client, a mid-sized full truckload company based in Florida, was facing the loss of a major customer due to low-cost price competition. The customer had indicated that unless costs fell significantly, all or part of the contract would be awarded to a competitor. The client was responsible for providing trucking capacity on a daily basis to transport construction materials from the customer’s two Florida plants to over 50 locations spread across the southern half of Florida.


Wynneford was engaged to develop an optimization program that would reduce costs through allowing the client to use fewer trucks and drivers to handle the work. Wynneford gathered data and developed a model to demonstrate the benefits of optimization using the client’s historical data. Management approved deployment of the model, and Wynneford spent one month on-site with the transportation team at the local terminal. Wynneford refined the model into an operational program through day-to-day observation and active management of the fleet and trained the local staff how to operate the program.


Ultimately, the client reduced the number of trucks and drivers required to service the business by over 20%, which allowed them to cut costs to the customer while retaining profitability. The customer renewed the contract and awarded 100% to the client. Additionally, the customer awarded additional business to the client due to the fact that the client was more efficient than the existing vendor.

Wynneford Advisors helps you analyze your freight spend, create strategies to enhance performance and service, and then manage the implementation. We offer solutions for mergers and acquisitions, logistics streamlining, internal fleet optimization, and detailed freight analysis.

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