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Window and Door Manufacturer


Our client was a publicly traded home component manufacturer. The client had recently purchased a new Transportation Management System (TMS) and asked Wynneford to evaluate the solution’s implementation. In addition, the client requested a freight spend review for two of its facilities – one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast.


Wynneford conducted site visits to each location, interviewed transportation and manufacturing staff and reviewed TMS data.  Wynneford identified that the optimizer within the TMS a) was producing incorrect results (e.g. routing trucks for 20 straight hours of service) and b) was being ignored for routing decisions. Additionally, double digit savings at each plant were identified through improved routing for multi-stop truckloads, vendor credits / refunds due from the dedicated fleet, renegotiated LTL rates and rationalization of the broker pool.


While this client had purchased an expensive TMS, the implementation left many loose ends that reduced the planned ROI for the system. Reliance solely on plant-level, internal resources meant that implementation success was inconsistent at best. Outside, industry-specific expertise was needed to ensure that proper SOPs were put in place to optimize benefits from the TMS.  

Wynneford Advisors helps you analyze your freight spend, create strategies to enhance performance and service, and then manage the implementation. We offer solutions for mergers and acquisitions, logistics streamlining, internal fleet optimization, and detailed freight analysis.

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